Currently based in Malta, where she is reading for a Bachelor of Arts in History of Art and Psychology at the University of Malta, photography is her main profession. Apart from feeling that she has found her true calling every time she is behind a camera, there is an indescribable desire that pushes her to capture incredible pictures.

With her work, Anja wishes to moves viewers in their core, by evoking deep emotions of wonder, longing and serenity.Her pictures are of impressive depth by the means of confronting real life, with a sense of hope and freedom.

As with any form of art, there is no limit to who can engage with photography. Anja Goder has been commissioned for several projects during her career, and her images are highly sought-after pieces by collectors and enthusiasts alike. As Anja herself indicated, “I consider anyone who feels and responds to the energy of my pictures as my client”.

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